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Dean of Students

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The Office of the Dean of Students is primarily concerned with students' welfare, from entry to graduation. Admission to the University marks the beginning of one's career, hence it requires one to make mental, physical and emotional adjustments. This office maintains staff who help students adjust to life in the University.

Services and programmes conducted by the Office of the Dean of Students are:-

  • Chaplaincy services
  • Counseling services
  • Disabled students services
  • Placement services
  • Entertainment services
  • Students orientation programmes
  • Various students organizations

Placement Services include:-

  • Organizing Career Fares
  • Career talks by employers and professionals.
  • Trains students on how to write winning CVs.  Preparing for interviews.  How to search for employment.
  • Organizes for on-campus interviews, Searches for employment in various possible organizations.
  • Receives and disseminates information on available employments.
  • Makes references and recommendation for employment.
  • Provides Career counsel to students.

Internships and Attachments

  • Liaises with various organizations that offer internships and attachments.
  • Receives and Disseminates information on available places for internship and attachments.
  • Assists students to acquire places where they could attain work experiences.

Links University with Industry

  • Keeps close touch with industry making it possible for the University to benefit from various industries interns of employment, internships, attachments and information exchange.

Dean of Students:

Current dean of student is Fr. Dr D.W. Wamugunda Wakimani, Dip. Philo. (St Augustine Seminary), B.A Theology (Urbanian), M.A Communication (Salesian), Ph.D (Rome).

Placement Officer:

The Placement Officer is Njoka M. Jamleck, B.Ed., PGD in International Relations (UoN)