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ICT Services

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ICT technologies are instruments of change world over. The ability of these technologies to inject efficiencies not experienced before and to open new frontiers laden with incredible opportunities, particularly to a teaching and research environment such as one found at the University of Nairobi, cannot be overemphasized.
The University appreciates this immense potential and hence has been very keen in facilitating deployment of relevant ICT facilities to both her staff and huge student community.
The University has several well-stocked computer labs established on all campuses, which are specifically tailored to address computing needs for students. An extensive intercampus WAN and Campus Wide backbone network enables the labs to tap to several network based services, including 24x7 Web access, E-mail facilities, file-sharing services, library services among other shared server services. Plans are underway to have the students' halls of residence connected to the University network to allow students enjoy the ICT facilities at their leisure.
To improve the learning experiences, the University has been adopting innovative ways that befit a modern university in a digital revolution. Top among these include the gradual shift from the traditional paper photocopies and dictation as methods of disseminating knowledge, to modern lecture room experience where power-point and multimedia presentations, backed with high resolution digital projection equipment is a norm. E-learning concept is also finding root in the University as a system that allows students to follow courses online, outside the conventional lecture theatre.
For more information, go to the ICT Centre  site