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SONU 2014 Election: VOTING

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To all students University of Nairobi
As you prepare to vote for your best candidates tomorrow, please remember and carry your student identification card to the polling station.
Further, kindly familiarize yourself with the polling station you are expected to vote.
29 polling stations will be opened tomorrow. Among these, eight polling stations will only provide for voting for hall representatives and 21 for executive positions.
In total, 429 candidate were duly nominated to contest for various positions in SONU 2014 elections. Some of these candidates are going in unopposed.
As a voter, you will be expected to vote for 11 executive positions. In addition, you will also vote for a maximum of  6 congress positions depending on whether you are resident or non resident. Thus some of the voters will get up to a maximum of 15 different ballots. Please ensure you pick all your ballots, mark and cast them in appropriate boxes.
In order to ensure success of these elections, all students are expected to keep peace at the polling station to allow for voting and counting of votes. Results will be announced in each polling station immediately after counting.
Wishing you all the best
Prof. S. G. Kiama, BVM, MSc. (UON), PhD (Bern)
Ag. Director
Wangari Maathai Institute for Peace and Environmental Studies