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SONU Election Rules and Regulations

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In accordance with Article 20(10) of the University of Nairobi Students
Organization (SONU), all candidates and their supporters are required to conform to the following rules and regulations (code of conduct) governing the conduct of campaigns by candidates and their supporters, namely to:
a.Promote Voter education campaigns in a fair, truthful, free and transparent manner.
b.Avoid, condemn and prevent violence and intimidation or abusive language or words that will disparage the conduct of opponents.
c.Instruct agents, supporters and campaigning teams to respect the Code by avoiding violence and use of intimidating or abusive language.
d.Respect and affirm all the rights of all participants and supporters of opponents in the election as follows:
i.Respect divergent political opinions,
ii.Debate and contest the programmes of other contestants in a positive
and objective manner without causing bad blood or ridiculing them.
iii.Canvas freely for support from voters.
iv.Respect and be subject to the Public Order Act, and University
Regulation Governing the Conduct of Students and the Kenyan Law when
holding public meetings and general campaigns.
v.Refrain from distributing offensive electoral literature and campaign materials for example SMS texts, twitter, facebook conversations and
vi.Refrain from publishing and distributing offensive notices and advertisements in print and electronic media, notice boards etc.
vii.Avoid erecting offensive banners, placards and posters;
viii.Use only masking tapes in erecting of banners and posters on walls and noticeboards.
ix.Promote free and fair campaigns by all lawful means;
x.Co-operate with the Electoral Commission and other relevant and other authorities in the investigation of issues and allegations arising during the election period;
xi.Avoid any corrupt tendencies like bribing voters to vote for you, manipulating and voting documents and individual votes or refrain from offering any inducement or reward to any person to attend or not wishing to attend events, to vote or not wishing to vote for you, or to accept, refuse or withdraw his/her nomination.
xii.Respect all the vote and polling centres by avoiding to conduct any form of campaigns at these centres including distributing any forms of inducements in form of money or presents in an attempt to influence the voters, election and security officers and other candidates agents.
xiii.Refrain from impeding the right of any candidate, canvassers and representatives to have access to voters for purposes of voter education, canvassing for membership and soliciting support for elections.
xiv.Avoid, eliminate and stop plagiarizing other opponents posters and to discourage and prevent the removal, disfigurement or destruction of campaign materials of other individual contestants.
xv.Refrain from publishing or repeating false, defamatory or inflammatory allegations concerning any person or candidate connected with the election to defame the character of a contestant.
xvi.Refrain from any attempt to abuse a position of power, privilege or influence, including parental, patriarchal or traditional authority for political purposes including any offer of reward or threat to refuse to pay a penalty properly imposed by the Commission for errant behaviour by you or your supporters.
xvii.Avoid any discrimination based on age, race, gender, tribe or place of origin or residence or other local connection, political opinion, colour, creed or sex in connection with the Election and political activity.
xviii.Acknowledge the Commission’s authority in the conduct of election, ensure the attendance and participation of representatives at meetings and other forums convened by the Commission in dispute resolution, respect and honour fines or any condition imposed on your candidature due to misconduct and unbecoming campaign behaviour by you or your supporters during campaign for votes.
xix.Facilitate the Commissions or their representative right of access and other representatives to all campaign meetings or other electoral activities and co-operate in the official investigation of issues and allegations arising during any election period.
xx.Reassure voters with regard to the secrecy and integrity of the ballot and furthermore, to reaffirm the provisions of the SONU Constitution to the effect that no one will know how any other person has voted.
xxi.Take reasonable steps to discipline, stop and control your agents and supporters from infringing this code, engaging in activities of commission or omission which amount to offenses under the SONU Constitution or otherwise for not observing this code or contravening or failing to comply with all election rules and regulations.
xxii.Refrain and deter your supporters and agents from conducting campaigns and speeches during classes or official University functions and halls of residence during election periods.
xxiii.Without prejudice to the right to present a petition to the
Election Petition Panel, to accept the final outcome of the election and the Commissions declaration and certification of the results thereof.
Where, in the opinion of the Commission and on sufficient presentation of evidence, candidates or their supporters and agents have contravened or infringed on any of the provisions of this code, they will be liable to have committed an offence and may be liable to disqualification from the elections or to the following penalties:
i.Formal warning
ii.A fine determined by the University
iii.Be barred from holding any public meetings, campaigns or meeting the voters during election period.
iv.Be barred from participating in any one or more future elections.
v.Suspension from the University for a period not less than one academic year and in addition any other penalty under the University regulations governing the discipline of students and the Kenyan Law.