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Inaugural Lectures

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The inaugural lecture series was started in the day of the University of East Africa when it was the practice of the University College Nairobi to have its newly appointed professors deliver their first public lectures in Nairobi. The academic journey begun in 1966 when Prof. H.W. Alexander, gave the first ever inaugural lecture in the University. To date, a total of 46 inaugural lectures have been given at the University of Nairobi as highlighted below.




Prof. Julius Alexander Ogeng'o, a Professor of Human Anatomy,

"Anatomical Variations among Black Kenyans: Relevance in Health and Disease"

November 13, 2017






Prof. Clement Meshack Peter Oniang’o - Professor of Philosophy  
‘The Role of Philosophy at the University’
November 20, 2015








Prof. Annie Patricia G. Kameri-Mbote, SC - Law

“Fallacies of Equality and Inequality: Multiple Exclusions in Law and Legal Discourses”

January 24, 2013








Prof. Julius W. Mwangi - Pharmarcy

“Herbal Medicine: Do They Really Work”

March 14, 2012









Prof. Collete Suda - Arts

“Formal Monogamy and Informal Polygyny in Parallel: African Family Tradition in Transition”

October 4,2007








Prof. Ciarunji Chesaina -   Arts

“The Role and Significance of Oral Literature in Social and Psychological Development of Children: Towards a Re-evaluation of Children’s Oral Literature” 

July 26, 2007






Prof. F.A Aduol- Engineering

“From Rope-Stretcher to E-mapping: The story of the Discipline of Surveying”

May 26, 2006










Prof. J.T.Kaimenyi - Dental Sciences

“Achieving Oral Health for all in Kenya: A Reality or a Myth?”

May 18, 2006









Prof. Ratemo Waya Michieka – Agriculture

“Environmental Degradation and Pollution: Let us Reverse the Trends”

September 9, 2004







Prof.  George Albert Omore Magoha- Medicine

"Urological Footprints in Kenya "That Water May Flow": A Story About Male Genital Cancer and Dysfunction"

October 9, 2003





Prof. Chris. L. Wanjala - Social Science

“The  growth of  Literary Tradition  in East Africa”

June 19,2003









Prof. D. Okoth Okombo – Social Science.

“Language Policy – The Forgotten Parameter in African Development and Governance Strategies”

October 4, 2001




August 13, 2001


Prof.   Lucia N. Omondi – Arts

“Language and Life: A linguistic Glance at Kenya”

September 30, 1999






Prof. Paul M. Syagga – A.D.D.

“Real Property Valuation: A Profession in search of a Discipline”

September 23, 1999



Prof. Simiyu Wandibba – I.A.S.

“The Past and the Present in the Present: Ceramic Ethnoarchaeology in Kenya”

September 9, 1999






“Religion and Social Construction of Reality”

September 26, 1996





Prof. Charles Karimi Maitai – Veterinary Meicine

“The Dynamic Interplay Between man, Health and Medicine: A Historical Perspective”

July 18, 1996






Prof. Joseph Major Nyasani – Arts

“The Metaphysics of Cosmogony and the Enthropic Death of the Physical Universe”

August 17, 1995







Prof. Felix Makau Luti – Engineering

“Combustion: The Perpetual Burning Problem”

January 28, 1993





Prof.   Alfred Vincent Otieno – Engineering

“Laser: The Splendor of Light”

July 30, 1992







Prof.  Jacton B. Ojwang – Law

“Laying a Basis for Right"

July 9,1992






Prof. James Kirumbi Kimani – Medicine

“Prevention of Fainting and Oedema in the Giraffe”

July 2, 1992





Prof. Francis J. Gichaga – Engineering

“The Engineer in Road Building:  The Kenya Perspective”

November 2, 1989









Prof. R.S. Rostom – Engineering

“Survey in Developing Kenya: The Role and the Prospects”

July 23, 1986





Prof. Reuben Benjamin Ogendo – Arts

“Geography: The Discipline and its Role in Public Policy”

May 27,1982




Prof. Otieno Malo – Science

“Pervasiveness of Physics in Life”

April 28, 1981




Prof. Gideon S. Were – I.A.S.

“History, Public Morality and Nation Building: A Survey of Africa since Independence”

March 26, 1981


Prof.   R.B.L. Smith – Engineering

“The Engineers and the Environment”

February 26, 1981



Prof. J. Muhangi – Medicine

“Psychiatry in Kenya:  New horizons in Medical Care” 

January 31, 1980








Prof.   Gellaram Ghetandas Asnani – Science

“Will it Rain Tomorrow”

November 30, 1978








Prof.   Neville John Skinner – Science

“Geophysics in Tropical Africa”

May 11, 1978






Prof. Hillary Peter Ojiambo – Medicine

“Twenty Years in Medicine”

March 9, 1978



Prof. Gerald Munene Mugera – Pharmacy

“Useful Drugs and Cancer causing Chemicals in Kenya Medical and Toxic Plants”

November 22, 1977






Prof. Joseph Gerardus Donders – Arts

“Don’t Fence us in: The Liberating Force of Philosophy”

March 10, 1977






Prof. Godwin Olu Patrick Obasi – Science

“The Art of Rainmakers”



May 19, 1976




Prof. Henry Sinchair Wood – A.D.D. 

“Synthesis in Design and Education”

May 12, 1976






Prof. Thomas R. Odhiambo – Vet. Medicine

“Insect Production and Reproduction”

December 2, 1975






Prof. Hector M. Cameron – Medicine

“Kenya’s Cancers”

October 1, 1971





Prof. Francis C.A. Cammaerts – Education

“A Definition of Teacher Education: Traditional growth and Future Development"

October 8, 1971






Prof. David Robertshaw – Vet. Medicine

“The Relevance of Animal Physiology to Animal Production in Kenya”

October 22, 1971





Prof.  Andrew J. Gurr – Arts

“Home is either here nor there”

October 29, 1971








Prof. Mohamed Hyder – Science

“…and Foresight is Power” 

November 26, 1971





Prof. Stephen C. Neil – Arts

“and this should not be forgotten”

November 12, 1971





Prof. Joseph M. Mungai – Medicine

“The Anthropological basis of Medicine in East Africa”

November 16, 1968


Prof. Simeon H. Ominde – Arts

“Geography and African Development”

February 22, 1968



Prof. Peter Robins – Science

“Chemistry and Archeology – A meeting place for the two cultures”

November 25, 1966


Prof. H.W. Alexander – Science

“Mathematics and the Arts”

23rd September, 1966