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Thousands turn up for the third Open Day

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Other departments that exhibited during the open day are those that play a supportive role in the achievement of the core objectives of the University. They included those that deal with academic affairs such as admissions, library, bookshop, and welfare departments such as the dean of students, health services, accommodation, sports and games among others – all of which play leading roles in moulding students at the University.Through the open day, UoN has created a forum through which prospective students and the public at large are able to interact with faculty staff to find out more about university programmes and other activities and provide feedback on the services rendered by the institution.

Up to 12 corporate players took part in the open day including   Barclays Bank of Kenya, Equity Bank, Kenya Commercial Bank, Post Bank, Safaricom, Airtel, Railey Security Services, Higher Education Loans Board, KASNEB, Kenya Revenue Authority, Cooperative Bank, and the Nation Media Group..

Officiating at the opening ceremony, Mr. Adan challenged students to protect the image of the institution cautioning that “it takes close to 100 years to build a brand, but it takes a single incident to bring it down.” Adan who is a UoN alumnus, class of 1989, urged students to be mature in resolving conflicts with the administration and paid tribute to the institution for producing quality graduates who are serving in key sectors globally.

The Chancellor of the University, Dr. Joseph Wanjui, commended the University for conducting a free education clinic for members of the public and providing a chance to them to audit the activities of the university. He also echoed Mr. Adan’s concern over indiscipline and criticised a section of the students for marring the corporate image of the University by engaging in acts that do not befit the status of university students.

Participating units were also ranked during the event with Science Workshop/Geology kits emerging the best overall stand with 91 marks followed by School of Medicine, 89 marks; and Student Welfare Authority came third with 87 marks.

The 3rd open day attracted participation from prospective students, high school students, parents, staff, students and other stakeholders, who are keen to assess the strides made by the university over the years. Stakeholders ascertained for themselves that the University had grown both in size and stature with over 52,000 students enrolled in different programmes and a staff compliment of 6,000 members of staff. It offers courses at diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Simon kariuki (not verified) wrote:

Thu, 2011-08-04 18:17

I applied for a degree in Quantity surveying,september 2011 intakes and was just wondering if the admission leters have already been posted.

Anonymous wrote:

Sat, 2011-06-25 06:05

UoN stands tall as a centre of academic excellence in Kenya. However, there is till much to be done before the university can enter into the hallowed hall of the world's academic ranking. The university should channel a good amount of the billions of money it is minting through parallel degree programs to research. Lecturers who cannot research should be systematically weeded out and those who can research should be given more freedom to apply for grants and have their own research groups. The dictum should be publish or perish. This is the only way forward for our beloved country.
Dr. Ojwang

Anonymous wrote:

Fri, 2011-06-24 00:42

This open forum should not just happen once in a million years. Do it persistently and the effect will be seen. good job.

Anonymous wrote:

Mon, 2011-05-16 17:38

as much as one feels proud to be admitted in UoN the only problem is how the institution have remained silent about the intake for 2009 kcse candidates. they should at least give dates for admission or a signal whether the letters have been sent to the prospective students.thank you.

Anonymous wrote:

Thu, 2011-04-14 08:44

Congratulations! The University has demonstrated the highest level of academic excellence in the country and the entire region of East Africa.This makes me feel proud and jingoistic to be associated with the University.It is my sincere hope and conviction that my stay at the institution will eventually create a direct positive impact on my future endeavours.May I also recognise the University administration for its decorum in the management of the affairs of the University.David Owuor Opolo,First Year student at Kikuyu Campus.