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Invitation for participation in Nairobi Innovation Week: August 5-7, 2015

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Kenya's capacity to compete in the global economy greatly depends on the ability of her people to innovate and apply knowledge economy for growth and development. In this regard, University of Nairobi, through C4DLab has organized a signature event dubbed "Nairobi Innovation Week" to be held from 5th -7th August, 2015. The purpose of the conference is to provide and ecosystem for nurturing and showcasing innovations in order to strengthen academia, industry and government linkages for improved economic growth.
During the conference we expect participation from members of the university from the six colleges, innovators from the industries, research institutions, practitioners, entrepreneurs and the government.
Interested participants are required to submit innovation essays, case studies or academic research papers in the following domains:
1. Innovations in Entrepreneurship and Management
2. Innovations in Engineering
3. Innovations in Mobile communications
4. Innovations in Health
5. Innovations in Agriculture and Food Sciences
6. Innovations in Energy
7. Innovations for Climate Change
8. Innovations in ICT
9. Innovations in Social Sciences and Humanities
10. Innovations in Natural and Applied Sciences
11. Innovations in Water
To participate send an abstract to: in MS Word or PDF format before or on 1st June 2015.  For details on the three types of publications, format and submission deadlines, visit
Accepted essays, case studies and research papers will be published in the Conference Proceedings.